Sunday, 18 December 2011

That Untitled Ghanith One Shot I Did That One Time...

  I don't know who I am anymore. I'm new, totally unique to the world, and yet I am so very old. I can remember very little personal past, maybe only a year or two. But before that, I was split in to two, somehow still managing to remain a whole.
  I loved once, oh yes I remember that clearly. Well, half of me loved, and it was more than once I suppose. But the last time I (or was it she?) loved, that was the stuff of fairy tales. Years of secretive glances and yearning looks across a coffee table in the shop's work room. Taking it slow, becoming the best of friends first, never daring to mention the word 'date' when they met up for a drink or hung out watching movies. And when they did come close, as they had so many times, there was always something in the way; Another friend in trouble or another impending apocalypse to run and stop. There had been one memorable occasion on Christmas day, when she, depressed at being unable to see her family, had been treated to a three course Christmas roast by him. Afterwards, curled up on the sofa and thanking him profusely, their mouths had been mere millimetres away from a sweet kiss when the doorbell had been rung by a sulking skeleton detective.
  Now since she had been reborn into the world, she had been alone, incapable of love. Well... not entirely alone.The Texan had proved himself useful and worthy of staying alive on several occasions. But how he irritated her! Deluding himself with notions of love and sex. She hated sex. Valuable time wasted lay on a bed waiting for him to finish. She was sure that the next time he made a slip up she would execute him instantly and earn herself some precious sleep.
  The human part of her yearned for freedom, to be united with the man it once loved. Still loved, perhaps in the whiter planes of her murky grey soul. She know where her soul hid, the only person (if you could call her that) to know throughout all history. She knew because she could feel her soul burning inside of her. It hurt. But if her soul were separated, she would die. The two halves may live on to see another day, but she as she was now would be gone from this Earth. The desperate struggle for survival was what kept her from him. He would not love her like this. How could anyone truly love such a flawless abomination?
  She stood abruptly up from the motel's creaky bed and stared at herself in the greasy mirror. A perfect, if slightly round face stared back, with black lips and veins criss-crossing underneath her skin. She could hide those if she wanted, but they always came back eventually. Sighing, the Remnith stalked out of the room and went to find Billy-Ray.